Mrs. Kate Spade

Spade COllage

Of all of the designers and famous fashionistas, theres one in particular that trumps them all- Kate Spade. From the luxe store, sparkling shoes, shiny phone cases, and to-die-for handbags, what girl doesn’t love her? I recently visited one of her stores in Charleston, SC and was amazed when I walked in. I saw all of the sparkles and shine and almost died of excitement. Kate Spade is definitely an inspiration for the career path I aspire to achieve one day.


MACK. Home Event

Mack 3

A couple weeks ago, MACK. Home launched an event in Columbia, SC where people gathered to look at what the decor store had to offer. From numerous themes to choose from, MACK. Home had me sold. As soon as I walked in, I nearly wanted to re-design my entire dorm!  The event was one to attend and left me wanting more. I highly recommend paying this store a visit!

Mack home 2MACK 4


ImageNaturally, being a college student, the song girl’s just wanna have fun applies to most on the weekends (or any day really!!). So, why not look good while living it up? I have two words on how to: crop top. This new trend can be found practically anywhere, from brands like Forever, Charlotte Russe, and H&M. It’s a cute look, particularly when you’re trying to go out for a fun night on the town or simply trying to impress that cute guy in your math class. The crop top is definitely a cute, fashionable way to get anyones attention!

Fab Fall Trend

Fab Fall Post

This fall, certain pieces have been particularly popular among many college students that I’ve witnessed. Trending this crisp and colorful season are black leggings worn with brown leather boots and some form of cute top, or my personal favorite, a crew neck sweatshirt. This look is not only cute, but super comfortable for class! Many people rep their school sweatshirts with this look, or anything ranging from a soft button down shirt and a scarf. This look is very versatile and can be paired with almost anything! And the best part is, it’s totally affordable!